Ancient wise men from all over the globe seem to have shared a common mystical understanding of a great many things. For millenia it was forbidden to put the highest levels of attained knowledge into writing, as writings were more easily stolen than spoken words. So these secrets were kept safe by passing them down orally, from father to son, son to daughter - whispers in the night. But during times of great strife, it was feared by some that this knowledge might be lost if the keepers of the flame became extinct. Eventually the great secrets


were written down, but kept guarded - as a treasure far greater than gold.

Centuries later, many of these great secrets were rediscovered in the West, and are now known by many under the heading "Western Mysticism". The major branches include Qabala (many different spellings...) and Alchemy. As both of these subjects are incredibly broad in scope, please bear with me as I offer my own brief interpretations throughout the pages of this site...


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