The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is one of the most ancient symbols in the world, visible in a multitude of places spanning the entire globe (including the Temple of Abydos in Egypt).

It would be difficult to understand its real meaning if it was not for Plato who, in his genius, documented his fascination with the five solids that are collectively named after him.

But before discussing the platonic solids it's important to consider what the Flower of Life really is. A good starting point is to think about Kether in Qabala, which is the highest point of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. It is also known as the 'I Am', and can be though of as the '1st Being' and 'the All'. Kether symbolizes the 'highest vantage point' in the entire multi-dimensional Universe - the singular geometric point that is the pivot-point of all that ever existed, exists and will exist.

It's useful to imagine being God - alone in the Universe but with an all-encompassing, perfect wisdom. Imagine that wisdom telling you (God) to start building a highly complex Universe one step at a time. The first step is taken by extending your consciousness outward by one 'unit' of length (my opinion is that this unit of length is represented by the Plank constant, which appears to be the shortest measureable distance in the physical universe).

A 'field of consciousness' of that size could be said to be a sphere with a radius equal to the Plank constant.

At the outer edge of this first field you place the 2nd point of the new Universal matrix, and you give that new point a field/sphere that's identical in every way to the first field/sphere.

From that 2nd point you create a 3rd point that's on the surface of the 1st field/sphere, equidistant from the 1st and 2nd points.

You keep going in this way until you have six points/fields/spheres on the perimeter of the first field/sphere. That's seven points/fields/spheres. This combination is known as the 'Seed of Life'. This has been said to be emblematic of the first 7 cells of a mammalian embryo.

Qabalists say that Kether (1) manifests first through Chockmah (2), then Binah (3), then Chesed (4). Chesed represents the first 'kingdom' that is said to be within spacetime. The idea seems to be that the first point/field/sphere is independent of spacetime, but that all the spheres together represent the way that Kether manifests as spacetime (all other points/fields/spheres being a reflection or a 'copy' of the first).

In this way, 'reality' as we know it is built up in levels, but also continuously; it's a constant outflowing of energy and structural data from Kether, the core of the "Universal Mind".

I created these images in a 3D program so I could get a better feel for sacred geometry. It seems to me that the fabric of the universe is based on the tetrahedron as the smallest unit of shape (this is perhaps why it's the first Platonic solid). In this case, rather than being a solid polygon it should be seen as representing the relative positions of the points of its four vertices (which are in fact the same point repeated over and over, but in a pattern using the tetrahedral angles). Between those four points, space is 'null' (it is this aspect of reality which causes the Plank constant to make itself known in experimental physicists).

So image #1 is the Flower of Life.

So image #2 is a tetrahedron, superimposed over the Flower of Life.

Image #3 is a cube.

Image #4 is an octrahedron.

Image #5 is a dodecahedron.

And image #6 is an icosahedron.

I also created some additional images: one of these is the star-tetrahedron (image #7), which appears to be an important shape that shows how immense evergy vortices are formed within massive, spinning objects. This is especially noteworthy when looking at the bodies within our own solar system, particularly the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Each of these 'gas giants' exhibits spotting at 19.5 degrees from the equator, which is the same angle of the star-tetrahedron when the top and bottom points of the star-tetrahedron line up with the north and south poles of the massive body.

Due to the forces imposed by the huge spinning mass, inwellings of energy appear at the pole(s) (as seen very clearly with the huge hexagonal cloud formation at the North pole of Saturn. Note: the Flower of Life is a hexagonal pattern), and outwellings of energy appear at the points that are 19.5 degrees north or south of the body's equator.

Image #8 is Metatron's Cube, which is gaining quite a bit of popularity in New Age pop culture. Metatron is the Archangel of Kether, so the vantage point of Metatron is outside of spacetime. This vantage point can be seen as the 'catbird's seat' of the entire multi-dimensional Universe - the point from which all other points can be seen simultaneously (and at all times).

Image #9 shows the Tree of Life superimposed upon the Flower of Life. As with all these images the fit is perfect, illustrating the holistic nature of these concepts, and indicating a holistic nature in all things.

I'm currently writing a book which expounds on this information. I have already written about some of this in my other books, each of which can be found here...

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