So what does it all mean? This is the ultimate question, and people have been asking it for millenia; I can only offer my own interpretation...

Every man, woman and child has a complex makeup of physical and spiritual components, all co-existing simultaneously in different dimensions. Although we are all existing within each Sephira all the time, our consciousness can only focus on one Sephira at each moment. In this life, we are focused on Malkuth because this is where our consciousness is currently residing. But as we live, most of our spiritual bodies are lying dormant in their respective Kingdoms; it is only with great effort that we can begin focusing our attention on those parts of us, and begin to fully live!

One of the implications of this is incredible: if we are simultaneously existing within all the Kingdoms, it

means that a part of us is already in Heaven - we are each a small fragment of God!

This is the principal point which motivates the Qabalist - to painstakingly extend ones mind to higher and higher levels, and eventually shake hands with the Great King - their Higher Self which exists in Kether. Some say that this is the same as shaking hands with God! Of course this is the loftiest of goals - and takes many lifetimes to accomplish. But some creatures on Earth have already lived many, many lifetimes, and have looked up to the skies enough times that their spirits have already been elevated significantly in the long, arduous process. For them, the next step of graduation could possibly be the final trip across the great spiritual divide - the immense Abyss that lies between mortality and Eternal Life...

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