Alchemy is said to be the progenitor of chemistry - and of all the sciences. Many of the oldest texts in the world speak of the Anunnaki - the greatest individuals who ever lived upon the Earth - as the first of the Alchemists. One of the best known alchemists among them was Thoth, aka Hermes/Mercury - the one who opened many alchemical secrets to the eyes and minds of the great men of old.

The greatest of these secrets included the existence of a sacred substance known by many names - in the Bible it is called 'Shewbread', the 'bread that shows'. Ancient scrolls speak of those who partook of this incredible substance - their minds were opened up to the secrets of the universe, and their bodies were kept in a high state of vibrant health. Next to the Shewbread was a sacred liquid known as 'Starfire', which would extend the lives of the drinker for hundreds or possibly even thousands of years. This 'Bread' and 'Wine' of the Anunnaki

is almost certainly the precursor to the modern day Eucarist - the sacrament of Christianity - as the first known texts which speak of it have been dated to well before 2000 BC. These sacred substances



represent the objects of the greatest quests in human history, as men like Gilgamesh and Alexander the Great endured epic journeys to obtain this 'Food of the Gods'.

These are just two of the known alchemical substances; others include elixirs painstakingly made from plants, minerals and other bodies - all with the goal of providing both spiritual enlightenment and enhanced bodily health through their perfection and ingestation. This group of alchemical concoctions includes such great substances as the Firestone, the Balm of Life, the Salt of the Earth, the Plant Stones, the Alcahest of Van Helmont, and of course the highly revered Philosopher's Stone.

It is said that a 'Quickening' can be found by combining Alchemy with Qabala (or more specifically, Planetary Astrology) - this puts to use substances which reinforce the resonances of each Kingdom during pivotal times. It is said in the Bible that God taught Abraham of the planets and of their motions - this reafirms the importance of Planetary Astrology in the Alchemists work, as well as in the lives of all humans. It also indicates the importance of the saying "One book opens another"...

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